Newborn Baby Outfit

Finding the Perfect Outfit for Your New Arrival

sitting baby
Bringing home a new baby is an exciting experience. From the moment you swing open your door and step over the threshold, your life changes forever. If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your bundle of joy, you've probably begun shopping for newborn baby outfits. Buying newborn baby outfits can be a lot of fun. How many times have you stepped into a baby clothing store to see women crouched over a display table, holding out cute little articles of clothing while they make unintelligible "oohs" and "ahhhs"? How many times have you picked up a new outfit for your upcoming arrival, unable to resist because the outfit was so darling? Perhaps you have not done much shopping yet. Maybe you're and expectant mother who's not sure of what type of baby clothing to buy, or have just been invited to a friend's baby shower and you are trying to pick the perfect newborn baby outfit for a gift. Regardless, there are a few must-have newborn baby outfits to consider. Sleepers are must-have newborn baby outfits. When babies come home from the hospital, they need to be dressed in something comfy. Birth is an ordeal, and you do not want to make things worse with the irritation of sensitive skin by itchy fabric. You may also want to choose some gowns that can be pushed up easily to your baby's waist when it is time for diaper change. These garments make things easier for both baby and parent, helping the changing experience flow more smoothly. Don't forget onesies. They snap easily between baby's legs, making changing almost as easy as when gowns are used. Onesies are comfortable, and cool for warm climates. If the weather is chilly, pants can be pulled over the onesie to complete the baby's outfit. Some people overlook accessories when preparing for a baby's birth. Remember to include:
  • Booties or Socks
  • Beanie Hats (Important since newborns cannot yet regulate their body temperature properly and lose much of their body heat through their heads.)
  • Mittens or Baby Gloves (Protect newborn babies from scratching their faces.)
  • Soft, Receiving Blanket You will not always be practical. You will still walk through clothing stores and feel that magnetic tug that prompts you to buy an outfit just because of the cute factor. Those types of purchases will be great for pictures and special occasions, and if you have also stocked up on practical, comfortable outfits, you will be all set!

  • Written by: Amber Foreman