Valentine Baby Outfit

Wrap Your Newborn in Pink and Red Hearts

valentine's baby outfit
Valentine's Day is a day of love, dedicated to romance, soft music, and kisses. Husbands across America rush home with elaborate vases of long-stemmed roses or heart-shaped boxes of candy. In storefront windows, images of Cupids shoot arrows. It isn't unusual to scan a crowd and see that lots of people are wearing Valentine's Day themed pins or t-shirts splashed with X's and O's. Many of us love any excuse for a holiday. Why leave your little one out of the fun? Wouldn't it be fun to dress that new baby in a Valentine baby outfit? For many people, dressing for February 14th means adopting the color of the day. Red is the color of choice. Babies can celebrate the season in red jumpers or onesies. Other popular variations include any shade of pink or color combinations like red and white. Your baby's plain white onesie can be transformed into a baby valentine outfit by adding a pair of cherry red socks or a pink beanie cap. Some stores carry Valentine accessories such as Valentine's Day themed bibs or baby bottles dusted with sprinklings of hearts. As Valentine's Day approaches each year, many retailers are more than eager to cater to new parent's wishes to find a special Valentine's Day outfit. A trip to the mall or an Internet shopping spree will turn up endless possibilities. Baby gowns decorated with tiny cupids, onesies speckled in little hearts, and solid colored tees with plump cupid logos on the pocket are among some of the items. If you have a special Valentine's Day dinner planned for the whole family, and you're in the mood to dress up, let your baby do the same. Shop around for a special outfit that can later be worn to church or other special events. Your baby girl would certainly look too cute for words in a frilly red dress with white lace trim, red patent leather shoes, and a pair of fussy white socks. If you do not want to purchase a dress, look at some bright red or pink jumpsuits in satiny material. Fasten a little bow to her wispy hair, and everyone will be sure to stop and smile. Baby boys do not need to miss dressing for the big day either. Find a cute little suit with a red tie or logo. If that is not exactly what you are looking for, consider pants with a button-down shirt. If the weather isn't too warm, a red sweater vest is a festive addition. Whatever you decide, have fun shopping around. With all the adorable selections to choose from, it's hard not to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Written by: Amber Foreman