Baby Shower Invitation Poems

A baby shower invitation is often saved as a cherished memento of the celebration of a child's birth. When you create a poem for the baby shower invitation, you are not only conveying a message, you are also giving a gift that when read later will bring back happy memories.

Sweet and Sentimental Baby Shower Invitation Poems

Here are some ideas for sweet and sentimental poems to include on your baby shower invitation:

From the forecast we are hearing
A beautiful baby now is nearing.
But before the long awaited hour
We predict a fun and joyful shower!

Bottles, booties, bibs, and more
It's time to shower the baby with presents galore.
Little ones grow so very fast,
Let's help Ava make those precious moments last!

Baby's ten little fingers and ten little toes.
Two little ears and one little nose.
A brand new baby is on the way.
Let's celebrate with a special day!

A new baby is on the way.
Whether it's a boy or girl, we simply can't say!
Come help us celebrate the love, joy, and wonderful things
A new addition to the family brings.

Funny Baby Shower Poems

If the mom-to-be is known for her sense of humor, try featuring a poem that gently pokes fun at the trials and tribulations of being a new parent. For example:

She used to be fit as a fiddle,
But now look at her middle!
Anna's expecting a new bundle of joy,
Her very own baby boy!

Emily used to be the most fashionable girl in school.
How will she look wearing baby drool?
Come help shower her with all the little things,
She'll need when she experiences the love a new baby brings.

Changing diapers, washing bottles, and picking toys up off the floor,
There's no doubt that being a parent can sometimes be a chore.
But, let's show Melissa it's not all that bad.
You're invited to help her celebrate as she gets ready to welcome her little lad!

Diaper Shower Poems

One common baby shower theme, especially for second born children, is a diaper shower. In this type of party, guests bring a package of diapers as their gift. Here's an idea for a poem to use in your diaper shower invitation:

We're planning a very special shower,
To celebrate the baby of the hour.
Please bring a package of diapers in any size.
We'll give them to the new Mom and Dad as a big surprise!

Book Baby Shower Poem

For a baby shower requesting guests bring children's books instead of traditional gifts, you could use the following poem:

Mark and Elizabeth have one small request that's not too hard,
They'd love for you to bring a book instead of a card.
Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or your favorite childhood classic.
Let's build a library for Baby Miller that's truly fantastic!

Writing Your Own Baby Shower Invitation Poem

Of course, you could always try writing an original poem for your baby shower invitation. A customized poem would help turn your invitation into a special keepsake for the mom-to-be.

Whether you are a serious poet or have not written a poem since fourth grade, here are some more tips for writing invitation poems:

  1. Choose words that set the tone you want to convey.  Jot down whatever comes to mind, even if the lines seem silly. It's often easier to create a great poem if you've got something to work with, even if what you come up with at first doesn't seem very good.
  2. Write your poem to the recipient. Be clear, warm-hearted, and honest. Let your love and affection for them shine through.
  3. Use alliteration. Simply put, alliteration is repeating a sound, such as the "g" sound in "Golly, guys go gaga for girls!"
  4. If you need help rhyming, try visiting one of the free online rhyming dictionaries.
  5. If you need some help getting started writing, use a copyright-free poem and tinker with it. For example, you can create a variation of an old nursery rhyme.
  6. Consider verse length. You can write a very short verse on the front of the invitation, followed inside the invitation with words such as "We hope you can attend." You could also create a longer poem that extends from the outside to inside the card and includes the details guests will need to know.

Adding Poems to Your Invitation

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Written by: The Printable Baby Team