Cowboy Birth Announcement

Birth Announcements with a Cowboy Theme

cowboy boots
You are about to become parents and the excitement is overwhelming. Whether this is your first baby or you are a parenting pro, each new addition is a special blessing. Of course, you want to share your wonderful news with your closest friends and family; you need to send out birth announcements!

Including a special theme for your announcements is a wonderful way to make the cards unique and memorable. You need to determine what sets your family apart, what makes you unique. Maybe you live in the country and raise horses, or it could be that you live in the city and just dream about rural life. You love country western music and have decorated your home in country decor. One thing is for sure: your love of everything country is the perfect theme for your new baby's announcement. You need to send out cowboy birth announcements.

Cowboy birth announcements can take on many different looks. Perhaps your cards could be cut into the shape of a pristine cowboy hat or a pair of rugged cowboy boots, complete with sharp metal spurs. Or maybe you could create cards that look like a western shirt, complete with bold, vertical stripes and pearl buttons. You could also include images of cowboys, rope in hand, astride their trusty steeds, or even pictures of black and white cows, contentedly grazing across of field of sweet green grass. Including a red-and-white-checked gingham handkerchief brings up images of dusty cowboys following herds of cattle across the prairies.

Where else can you look for inspiration in creating your cowboy birth announcements? Look through western books or magazines for images that strike a chord with you. Ask family and friends for ideas. Skim through western poetry books or even watch old western movies. You can also look through old photographs. Maybe you can find a photo of you when you were younger, decked out in a cowboy hat that would be the perfect addition to your announcement.

What information should you include in your cowboy birth announcement? Most announcements include the same general information, including the baby's name, date of birth, weight and length at birth, and the names of the baby's parents. However, you can also add other relevant information such as the names of older siblings or grandparents or a special verse or saying. Including a line from a poem dedicated to the country living or the old west would add even more charm to your unique baby announcement.

You need to decide if you want to create your birth announcements by hand, on your computer, or by professional printer. Making them by hand allows you to create truly unique announcements that will be fondly remembered for years to come. To make a cute cowboy birth announcement, assemble the following supplies that can be purchased at craft stores: brown (or other-colored) paper, scissors, glue, and red-and-white checked gingham paper. Follow these steps:
  • First, cut out the brown paper in the shape of cowboy boots. You can use a template or free-hand the design. Feel free to use another color if you prefer. Pretty pink cowboy boots can represent your new little cowgirl, or red or blue are nice choices for a little boy.
  • Next, cut the gingham paper into triangles about two to three inches wide at the bottom. These symbolize the handkerchiefs used by the dusty cowboys as they followed herds of cattle across the land. Place the triangles onto the back of the cowboy boots, gluing the widest part of the triangle across the opening of the boot so that the handkerchief appears to peak out of the top of the boot.
  • Now it's time to write your information. Across the top of the boot, write the words, "Giddy-Up!" Under this, write, "(Names of parents) would like to introduce their newest little cowboy (or cowgirl)". Beneath this should be the baby's name prominently displayed in black or colored ink.
  • Then, list the other pertinent information under the baby's name.
You now have a relatively easy-to-make cowboy birth announcement that showcases your love of all things country. This treasured announcement will bring a smile to the faces of all who receive it. And many years from now you will look at this little boot and smile when you remember the day your little cowboy or cowgirl entered your life and changed it in more ways than you could have ever imagined.

Written by: Leslie Fazio