Baby Shower Table Decorations

Making a Lovely Spread for Your Baby Shower Tables

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There are bound to be multiple tables set up at your baby shower and each one is going to a source of attraction. You may have a food table, a cake table, a table for gifts, and a table for any games or activities that will take place. When planning your baby shower table decorations, there is a lot you can do to create a joyous, fun atmosphere without breaking the bank. All you need to do is put on your craft hat and spend a little time brainstorming. Here are some ideas for the baby shower table decorations:
  • Tablecloth or Runner with Diaper Padding
  • Cut Paper Confetti Fortunes
  • Cup Clipart
  • Keepsake Banner A good place to start for a unique and creative tablecloth is a colorful, twin-sized, flat, white cotton bed sheet. If this is a tablecloth for a food table, you could consider making rises and hollows by padding the underside of the table cloth with diaper bundles, bound with string or ribbon. Place your food dishes at different heights for a dramatic tiered effect. This tablecloth or runner can easily be dressed up to fit your baby shower theme. You could try iron-on clipart images or quotes in felt markers. Or, lay a runner with a pattern, such as a leopard or jungle vine pattern, down the center of the plain white table cloth. Another interesting runner would be burlap fabric. This would go well with a barnyard theme. You could fray the edges of the burlap and pose a few stuffed animals around the table to reinforce the effect. Before the guests go home, take the sheet and have them sign it with fabric pens as a memento. If you are planning on making a keepsake, be sure to wash and dry the fabric to eliminate any possible shrinkage before using it. If you want to add a quick and easy decoration to the table, go to your favorite craft store and find baby-themed stickers and place them around the table. You can also place them on any of the utensils, paper plates, or paper cups. Use different pictures on each set of items. This will allow your guests to identify their set during the party. Another idea for a quick, fun, and colorful table decoration is to cut your own confetti from colored paper pre-printed with baby-related fortunes. Simply write down as many fortunes as you can think of in your word processing program. Put them in a basic, small font, like 10-point Arial. Then make sure there is plenty of space between each phrase or sentence. A good way to do this is to use the column feature in Microsoft Word. When brainstorming the fortunes, try to stay simple and relevant to the baby. For example: "He will spend much time in diapers." "She will love the bottle second only to her Mommy." "She will sleep by day and you will too." Next, print these onto sheets of different colored paper, perhaps dictated by the sex of the baby or the particular theme of the part. Cut the paper into irregular shapes, and scatter the confetti fortunes around your tables. Everyone will admire your decorative skills, and have a chuckle when they reach in closer for a bite to eat!

  • Written by: Andrea Lewis Polk