Outdoor Baby Shower Decorations

Decorating with Fresh Ideas for Your Outdoor Baby Shower

happy purple flower
When decorating for a baby shower, don't forget the outdoor bells and whistles! Homemade decoration ideas for outside and the entry include:
  • Banners
  • Signs
  • Ornaments
  • Doormat
  • Balloons
  • Flower Bunches
  • Colorful Umbrellas
  • Assorted Baby Gear

  • By printing downloaded clipart images and text onto specialty banner paper, you can make a personalized baby shower banner that can be used for the entry door, garage door, or on the side of a car to announce 'The Party is Here'. If you have an artistic side, you can use paints or marker pens to decorate the banner.

    Hand-drawn images or printed clipart images attached in creative collages to cardboard make great signs. Many large drug stores will sell you ready-made sign backing, complete with removable stakes. If you expect inclement weather, be sure to laminate the images to provide weather resistance. Another way to protect against weather is to use transparent sheets of backing tape, wrapping them around the entire front of the sign.

    Your signs can easily be used as lawn or flower bed decorations. By adding a tongue depressor, popsicle stick, or garden stake to the back of these laminated pictures, you can decorate your yard or the walkway leading up to the front door. You can also make ornaments that hang from bushes or trees. Use a single-hole punch and run colorful ribbon through the hole, then tie the ends together to make a loop for hanging.

    Using a large piece of dark-colored cardstock as the basis for your doormat decoration, glue clipart, borders, and wordart on a lighter, smaller, contrastingly-colored piece of cardstock and glue it to the larger piece. Laminate the entire project and use it at the party entrance for a festive doormat.

    Written by: Andrea Lewis Polk