Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Learn the ins and outs of inviting guests to share in your new blessing

Your baby shower invitation serves not only to convey pertinent information to your potential guests, but to introduce the style and theme of your baby shower, and even the gender of your coming baby. Using this guide, you can decide whether buying premade paper invitations suits you, or if you'd like to tap into your creative side and assemble your own.

To Mail or Not to Mail

Your first instinct when seeking stylish baby shower invitations may be to look online or at your local card store to find premade invitations. While many of these are exquisite, consider how much fun (and how much cheaper) it can be to create your own invitations using the tools and resources available to you online. Making your own shower invites can come together in a snap using a simple Word document or other software program like PowerPoint. Before beginning, be sure to review Microsoft's tips for using clipart and graphics, including how not to break any copyright laws when borrowing images from the internet. Once your shower invitation is complete, you then have the option to either print it out at home on your color printer or at your local "print and copy" store, or just save it to your computer and send out your invitation by email. The latter option is certainly the cheapest, considering there's no ink to print, no paper to buy, no envelopes to lick, no addresses to fill out and no stamps to apply.

Creating the Perfect Baby Shower Invites

First things first, you'll need to choose a format for your invitation. If sending it by mail, will you want a four-quadrant format that ends up folding nicely into a card, or just a card-sized, single-paged format? Programs like PowerPoint and online card makers have templates already built-in to allow you to make all sorts of folds for all sorts of card types. Next, you'll definitely want to choose a border, which can dictate the colors and theme of the rest of the document. In addition to a border, the other fundamental characteristic of your invite will be the background color and design. Try not to pick something too busy that may distract from the written information on the invitation or overshadow the cute clipart you'll choose.

From there, the rest is up to your imagination. If your baby shower theme is baby jungle animals, check out images of that theme before deciding which ones you'll use. There are so many cute themes to choose from that you may want to browse online before deciding on your theme. Consider using little hands and feet as signature images or as your invitation's border, which can be combined with baby shoes and apparel, especially if you want to show off a pink baby dress or blue baby overalls to designate what gender you know your baby will be. Popular themes for neutral-gendered shower invites include rubber duckies, images of the stork, or even clipart that emphasizes the pregnant mom. The possibilities are truly endless, and once you've looked around the web a little, you'll surely find the theme or imagery that inspires your entire baby shower, from the cake to the designs on the paper plates and napkins.

No matter how you arrange or send your baby shower invitations, make sure to check and double check the written information you've provided in your invitation. No baby shower host needs the confusion caused by an incorrect phone number in the RSVP line or the embarrassment of a misspelled name. Your baby shower invites are all your own to design, and will reflect the character of your baby shower in an invitation that many of your guests will save for years to come.