Birth Announcement Wording

Choosing the Right Words for Your Birth Announcement

baby blocks
Your new baby has arrived and you're ready to share the news. It's time to select the birth-announcement wording!

There are countless ways to word an announcement. You can choose a simple, traditional style, or flex your creative muscle and come up with an imaginative approach. The idea is to be inventive, and, by all means, have fun! The announcement should reflect the pride and joy you feel in becoming a new mom or dad.

There are three main parts to the announcement: the introduction, the baby's statistics, and the closing. Wording usually begins with an introduction such as "We are delighted to announce the birth of our daughter." Here are some other examples:
  • We welcome with love...
  • We joyfully announce (the arrival of our son/daughter)...
  • He/She has finally arrived!
  • Welcome to the world!
You can jazz things up with a cute poem, or base your wording on a theme (sports, trucks, animals):
  • Pretty in pink and oh so sweet! From the top of her head to her tiny cute feet!
  • David has a new golfing buddy!
  • A new player has joined our team! For some families, this is a time to share their religious faith with others. If this is true for you, you can look to scriptures for wording inspiration.

    There are two popular options for families in which there is an older sibling. At the closing, you can sign the announcement with the names of all family members (Kate, John, and Sofia Allen). Or you can have the older child introduce the new sibling (Sofia announces the arrival of her big brother Luke).

    The most important part of birth announcement wording is the baby's statistics, including name, date of birth, time of birth, weight, length, and parents' names. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules. If you don't think it's important to share the time of birth, leave it out. Or, if you can't fit all the details on the card, it is absolutely acceptable to omit some. A birth announcement is often the best opportunity to tell friends and family that you plan to use a nickname for your child (for example, if you plan to call your son "Matt" even though his formal name is Matthew). You can put the nickname under the formal name in the announcement. The wording for twins or triplets is easy if you follow this rule: be sure to write the babies' names on separate lines so it doesn't look as if you've christened your child with one really long and bizarre name! The closing can be very simple and sweet. Just put the parents' names and names of any other family members. There's no limit here. You can even include grandparents or pets! Something to think about: be sure to order enough announcements to send to everyone on your list, including those you may add later. Just as when you write a guest list for a party, you will want to make a mailing list for your announcements. It's best to do this at the time that you create the birth-announcement wording. This way, you'll be less apt to feel pressured once your new bundle of joy has arrived.

  • Written by: V.W.B.