Newspaper Birth Announcement

Birth Announcements with Your Local Paper and Beyond

"Extra! Extra! Extra! Read all about it! In today's Baby News, our top story is a magnificent human interest story, brought to you by the world's proudest parents."

Your baby is here, and the time has arrived to share the incredible news of your baby's birth. This is the sort of announcement that should be considered for the front page of any newspaper, but just in case you don't have the ear of your local news editor, consider an do-it-yourself plan.

The little birth announcement that runs in the local newspaper in a time-honored tradition. The hospital usually has forms that you fill out which include information such as the baby's full name, date of birth, length, and weight. These are then sent to the newspaper and will run in the Births section, some time within one to five days of submitting the form. These birth announcements generally don't include a photo and are all written the same way, but they are free, and do announce the birth of your baby by way of the newspaper.

If you would like a bit more fanfare for your baby's announcement, you can purchase ad space in a newspaper and write the announcement yourself. With the help of the newspaper's advertising department you can add the baby's photo, clipart, and a personal message. Newspapers have templates that they like to use for birth announcements, but are flexible about how they are written. These birth announcements cost $50 and up in most newspapers, and are placed somewhere within the Lifestyle or similar section of the paper. In some newspapers you can take out a full page announcement, but the bigger the announcement, the more it will cost you. Remember too that these announcements are almost always printed in black and white.

Custom made birth announcements that are made to look and feel like real newspapers are also available. For approximately $20 per paper, you can have a newspaper with your baby all over the front page, and cute baby-related stories throughout the paper. This is a great novelty item; due to the cost, however, it might not be right for everyone who's seeking to use the newspaper theme for their baby's birth announcements.

Less expensive (yet still custom made) alternatives are the newspaper themed-announcements commercially produced by printing companies. These notices utilize heavy, glossy card stock paper with your baby's photo and a headline. They are designed to look like a newspaper's front page, but are printed on greeting card-style paper and can be easily mailed to friends and family. Because they are designed by printing companies, there are fees for custom layout, design, and proof reading. Fifty announcements of this type cost approximately $80 to $100, and will have to be ordered, delaying the sending of your announcements by as much as two weeks.

For the least expensive newspaper birth announcement option, consider the do-it-yourself approach. Using your home computer, download clipart images and a newsletter template, then create your own newspaper-themed birth announcement. This homemade announcement is a unique and inexpensive way to share your wonderful news with friends and family.

To get started, take a trip to your local office supply or craft store. Select the paper you will use. Consider the texture or feel of the paper, its color, and how you will be presenting the announcements. If you will be giving the announcements to people through the mail, you want the paper to fold easily, but if you will be making a scroll to tie with a ribbon, you will want the paper to be slightly ridged.

Find a website that specializes in baby images and templates, and select a template that can be easily manipulated to appear like the front page of a newspaper. Change your printer settings to the best print quality, and decide whether or not to print the birth announcements in color or black and white, adjusting the settings accordingly.

Add to your birth announcement:
  • A creative newspaper name like The Baby Tidings.
  • An original newspaper headline about your baby.
  • The baby's birth information; full name, weight, length, date of birth, time of birth, where the baby was born, name of hospital, names of parents, names of grandparents, names of siblings or pets.
  • Clipart images, borders, and text.
  • Unique stories about your baby and the baby's birth.
To share the happy news of your baby's birth with family and friends, choose a newspaper birth announcement. Yours will be the happiest of news of the day, and a memorable keepsake.

Written by: Andrea Lewis Polk