Birth Announcement Ideas

Announcing your new one is a joyful, creative process

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Announcements of birth were once simple declarations of new life published in your city's local newspaper along with a picture and pertinent information. Since the digital age, birth announcements have come a long way, and you now have a slew of options as to how you can create and purchase announcements, as well as how you will send them. Use this guide a few months before the baby's arrival to consider ideas for your birth announcements so you've got the details worked out before the new baby requires your full attention.

Online Announcements Made Easy

Thanks to the digital age, your options for online announcements are as far-reaching as your imagination. Or, for those moms and dads that are just exhausted with baby preparations, using online templates that are "click and print" makes life a whole lot easier. The Printable Baby can provide such parents with numerous template selections to choose from, all with the cutest designs and images you've seen online. The best part is that they're Microsoft Word compatible, so you just download the template, change the pertinent information in the text lines and print it out or send it by email from home! Choose from plenty of boy or girl announcement templates, or create your own by searching the site for your baby's nursery theme, such as baby jungle animals.

Announcements by Mail, Email and the Web

Once your announcement is assembled, parents-to-be have the option of either printing their announcements at home, printing them at a local copy center or just emailing the document directly to their friends and family. While many couples are opting for email announcements, consider also that your birth announcements are a keepsake that many of your family and friends will want to have and display for years to come. Emailed announcements can also accompany mailed announcements, so that your contacts receive the information immediately after you've assembled it, and then get the bonus of a hard copy in the mail.

If you're web savvy or know someone who is, consider creating a website for baby where many photos can be displayed, and family and friends can write comments to build an ongoing conversation with the new baby. The great part about a website is that it can be accessed anywhere there's internet availability, and the website can grow and change from a baby announcement to a log of the child's growth and development for many years.

Calendars, Magnets, Pillows and More

Many other announcement options exist online, including companies that not only have great templates, but will print them out at their facility and send them to your door in a myriad of ingenious formats, such as calendars, magnets, collages, and more! These days, you can also create pretty much anything else you may want to personalize for baby, including twelve-page wall calendars, big magnets for the fridge, and even pillows, purses, and mock magazine covers of your baby's first photo.

Whether you go with newsprint, card-stock, photo paper or web options, your birth announcement should always include a first photo, the baby's full name, time of birth, birth weight and length, and any special message you'd like to share with your loved ones. Double check your announcement's information for accuracy before submitting it and try to work with a company that submits a proof to you before it goes to print. Your friends and family will be wowed by your selection, and even more overjoyed to see your baby's sweet face!