Hosting a Baby Shower

How to host a successful baby shower

baby shower party

Who hosts the baby shower?

Showers can be hosted by anyone who is willing to assume the responsibility. The hostess does not necessarily need to be related to the mom-to-be.

The hostess is responsible for paying all related baby shower expenses, although some guests may offer to assist with the cost of food, decorations, and/or party favors.

Should the shower be held before or after mom gives birth?

In many parts of the world, baby showers are not held until after the birth due to the cultural belief that it is bad luck to celebrate before the baby is born. In the United States, however, women often have a baby shower sometime during the last two months of the pregnancy.

If a baby shower is being held for an adoptive mom, you should wait until the adoption has been finalized and the couple has had a chance to help the child adjust to his or her new surroundings.

Who should be invited to a baby shower?

Baby showers typically include female family members from both sides, as well as close friends. Sometimes women choose to have multiple baby showers to allow for smaller groups of people to socialize and celebrate the baby's arrival. For example, the mom-to-be might have one baby shower for family and friends and another for her work colleagues.

Co-ed couple's showers are a modern alternative to the standard ladies-only baby shower. With men taking a more active role in the day-to-day tasks of child rearing, it has become socially acceptable to include the dad-to-be as a guest of honor too.

Are baby showers only for the first child?

Traditionally, baby showers were only thrown for a woman's first pregnancy. Today, baby showers for subsequent children are no longer thought to be a breach of etiquette. Every baby deserves to be celebrated, but the event should not be hosted by the expectant parents themselves.? 

One baby shower alternative that has become quite popular for a second pregnancy is the "Sip & See." This casual co-ed event invites friends and family over to see the baby after he or she arrives home from the hospital.?  "Diaper Showers," in which the only requested gift is a package of diapers, are also popular for second pregnancies.

Creating the Perfect Baby Shower Experience

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